četrtek, 22. november 2007

my autumn holidays in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

torek, 20. november 2007

my perfect job

We all know that the perfect job doesn`t exist. We all hate getting up early. Specialy on Mondays when we are all confused and still tired from enjoying the weekend. Yes, we enjoyed the weekend and we like that. But many people don`t have this luck. A lot of people must work at weekends and by night. These profesions are waiters, workers in casinos, security, police, doctors, nurses, reporters and many more. When I was younger I always dreamt to become a cook, but the school was too far from home. Now I see that I have made a mistake. Yes, you work a lot, but you have a good salary and tips if you are good. A really good cook is like an artist. Famous cooks appear on television, work for famous people and open they own restaurants in big cities.They even write books.They can choose their working hours and if they are successful they can employ young, good assistants. In Slovenia young people think that chef`s job is very dificult and they don`t want to do it. For them the ideal job is working in an ofice and working on the internet. In the near future there won`t be enough Slovenian cooks and waiters. So hotels and restaurants will have to employ workers from abroad. Good and hardworking cooks will have all the possibilities to succeed and make a lot of money.

sobota, 27. oktober 2007

about internet

I heard about internet when I was 14 years, but I started using the internet about 11 years ago. At the first time my father bought me a computer without internet. I was only playing the games. Later we got a internet connection which was very slow, so we bought a faster one-ADSL. I was searching on the internet for funny stuf and chat with the people which I didn`t know. The chat room was called MIRC and probably doesn`t exist anymore. Now I can chat with my friends on the MSN Messenger. My favorite web page is called izklop.com where can I found interesting things. Until now I haven`t used internet for school work. I was only using the printer and the copy paste from the web sites. This school year I must working with the computer everyday, becouse I`m doing homeworks, eseys and sign in for the exams.


petek, 12. oktober 2007


Hello!! I'm Primož. I`m from Slovenia. I live near Nova Gorica, a small town in the West of Slovenia. I come from Goriška brda, a hilly area near Nova Gorica, which is a famous wine producing area. My hobies are cycling,motocycing,fitnes and so on..
I`like dancing and going out with my friends. I like talking and made new friendships,I'travel a lot,so just write me I will be very happy!!see ya!!!

This is a company where I work!